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Locality Badan
Locality Beit Daras
Locality Bet Hashmonai
People Badarnah, Maysoun Hussni
Locality Beit Duqqu
Locality Bet Herut
People Badwan, Emad
Locality Beit Einun
Locality Bet Hillel
Locality Badwi al-Muarrajat
Locality Beit Eshel
Locality Bet Hilqiya
Locality Bahan
Locality Beit Fajjar
Locality Bet Horon
People Bairat, Amal Abdel Hamid
Locality Beit Falouh
Locality Bet Jiz
Locality Baisamun
Locality Beit Furik
Locality Bet Lehem Hagelilit
Locality Baisan Urbanl
Locality Beit Gan
Locality Bet Meir
Document & map Baker Institute: Getting to the Territorial Endgame of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Settlement
Locality Beit HaArava
Locality Bet Nehemya
Locality Bala
Locality Beit Hanan & Netaim
Locality Bet Neqofa
Office Balad – National Democratic Assembly
Locality Beit Hanina
Locality Bet Nir
Locality Balad al-Sheikh
Locality Beit Hanoun
Locality Bet Oren
Locality Balata
backgrounder Beit Hanoun crossing
Locality Bet Oved
Locality Balata Refugee Camp
Locality Beit Hasan
Locality Bet Qama
People Balawi, Hakam
Locality Beit Horon
Locality Bet Qeshet
Document & map Balfour Declaration
Locality Beit Iba
Locality Bet Rabban
Locality Balfuriya
Locality Beit Ijza
Locality Bet Rimmon
Locality Bani Naim
Locality Beit Iksa
Locality Bet Shean
Locality Bani Suheila
Locality Beit Inan
Locality Bet Shearim
Locality Bani Zeid
Locality Beit Itab
Locality Bet Shelomo
Locality Bani Zeid ash Sharqiya
Locality Beit Jala
Locality Bet Shemesh
Locality Baqa - Jatt
Locality Beit Jann
Locality Bet Shiqma
Locality Baqa al-Gharbiya
Locality Beit Jibrin
Locality Bet Uzziel
Locality Baqa al-Sharqiya
Locality Beit Jirja
Locality Bet Yannai
Locality Baqaa Refugee Camp
Locality Beit Kahil
Locality Bet Yehoshua
Locality Baqat al-Hatab
Locality Beit Lahiya
Locality Bet Yizhaq-Sh. Hefer
Locality Baqqar
Locality Beit Lehem
Locality Bet Yosef
Locality Bar Giora
Locality Beit Lid
Locality Bet Zayit
Locality Bar Yohai
Locality Beit Liqya
Locality Bet Zeid
People Barak, Ehud
Locality Beit Mahsir
Locality Bet Zera
Locality Baram
Locality Beit Maqdum
Locality Bet Zevi
Locality Baraq
Locality Beit Mirsim
Locality Betar Illit
Locality Barbara
Locality Beit Nabala
Locality Bethlehem
Locality Bardala
Locality Beit Naquba
Governorate or Local Council Bethlehem
Locality Bareqet
Locality Beit Nattif
backgrounder Bethlehem
Locality Barfiliya
Locality Beit Nuba
Document & map Between the Fence and a Hard Place - August 2010
Locality Barghasha
Locality Beit Nuba & Ajanjul
Locality Bezet
People Barghouthi, Marwan
Locality Beit Oved
People Bhaisi, Issam Muhammad
People Barghouthi, Siham
Locality Beit Qad
Locality Biddu
People Barghouthi, Bashir
Locality Beit Rima
Locality Biddya
People Barghouthi, Mustafa
Locality Beit Safafa
Locality Bilin
Locality Barid
Locality Beit Sahour
backgrounder Bilin
People Baroud, Muhammed
Locality Beit Shanna
Locality Bilin & Ard al-Ishra
Locality Barqa
Locality Beit Shearim
Locality Bina
Locality Barqai
Locality Beit Sira
Locality Binyamina
Locality Barqan
Locality Beit Surik
Locality Bir al-Basha
Locality Barqusiya
Locality Beit Susin
Locality Bir al-Maksur
Locality Barriya
Locality Beit Thul
Locality Bir al-Sikka
Locality Bartaa
Locality Beit Tima
Locality Bir Hadage
Locality Bartaa al-Sharqiya
Locality Beit Ula
Locality Bir Main
People Barton, Evan
Locality Beit Um al-Meis
Locality Bir Musallam
Locality Bashatiwa
Locality Beit Umar
Locality Bir Nabala
Locality Bashshit
Locality Beit Umrin
Locality Bir Onah
People Basir, Wael Omar
Locality Beit Ur al-Fauqa
Locality Bir Salim
Locality Basma
Locality Beit Ur al-Tahta
Locality Bira
Locality Basmat Tabun
Locality Beit Wazan
Locality Bireh
Locality Bassa
Locality Beita
Locality Birin
Locality Bat Ayin
Locality Beitillu
Locality Biriya
Locality Bat Hadar
Locality Beitin
Locality Birqin
Locality Bat Hazor
Locality Beitunia
Locality Birwa
Locality Bat Hefer
Locality Ben Ammi
Locality Birzeit
Locality Bat Hen
Locality Ben Shemen
Locality Birzeit Refugee Camp
Locality Bat Shlomo
Locality Ben Zakia
Locality Bitan
Locality Bat Yam
Locality Benaya
Locality Bitan Aharon
Locality Batni al-Gharbi
Locality Benei Atarot
Locality Bitha
Locality Batni al-Sharqi
Locality Benei Ayish
Locality Biyar Adas
Locality Battir
Locality Benei Azmon
Locality Biyar al-Arus
People Bawatneh, Jamal
Locality Benei Binyamin
Locality Bizzariya
Locality Bayada
Locality Benei Brak
Locality Bizzaron
Locality Bayarat Hannun
Locality Benei Darom
Locality Bowereh
Locality Bayuk
Locality Benei Dror
Locality Bracha
Locality Bazra
Locality Benei Reem
People Braverman, Avishay
Locality Bazzariya
Locality Benei Yehuda
Locality Breij Refugee Camp
Locality Beach Refugee Camp
Locality Benei Zion
Document & map British White Paper of 1939
Locality Bedawi Refugee Camp
People Ben-Eliezer, Binyamin (Fouad)
Locality Bruqin
Locality Bedolah
Document & map Benjamin Netanyahu's Interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos
People Bseiso, Sakher
backgrounder Bedouin
Document & map Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to AIPAC, March 22, 2010
Locality Budrus
Locality Beer al-Basha
Locality Beqaot
Locality Bueina
Locality Beer Tuvia
Locality Beqoa
Locality Buqata
Locality Beer Yaakov
Locality Berakha
Locality Buqeia/Pekiin
Locality Beeri
Locality Berekhya
Locality Burayka
Locality Beerot Yizhaq
People Berlin, Greta
Locality Burayr
Locality Beerotayim
Locality Beror Hayil
Locality Bureida
Locality Beersheba
Locality Berosh
Locality Bureij
Governorate or Local Council Beersheba
Locality Bet Alfa
Locality Bureij
backgrounder Beersheba
Locality Bet Arif
Locality Bureij Refugee Camp
Publication Beg, Borrow or Steal! Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories
Locality Bet Arye
Locality Burgeta
Document & map Behind the Settlements: Israel's West Bank Settlements Now Sit on the Wrong Side of Zionist History
Locality Bet Berl
Locality Burham
Locality Beida
Locality Bet Dagan
Locality Burin
Governorate or Local Council Beisan
Locality Bet El
Locality Burj
Locality Beit Tamir
Locality Bet El Bet
Locality Burj Barajneh Refugee Camp
Locality Beit Affa
Locality Bet Elazari
Locality Burj Shamali Refugee Camp
Locality Beit al-Jimal
Locality Bet Ezra
Locality Burqa
Locality Beit al-Rush al-Fauqa
Locality Bet Gamliel
Locality Burqa
Locality Beit al-Rush al-Tahta
Locality Bet Guvrin
Locality Burqin
Locality Beit Amin
Locality Bet HaArava
Locality Buss Refugee Camp
Locality Beit Amra
Locality Bet HaEmeq
Locality Bustan HaGalil
Locality Beit Anan
Locality Bet HaGaddi
Locality Butayha
Locality Beit Anun
Locality Bet HaLevi
Locality Butaymat
Locality Beit Aula
Locality Bet Hanan
Locality Buweib
Locality Beit Awwa
Locality Bet Hanania
Locality Buweizaya
Locality Beit Dajan
Locality Bet HaShitta
Document & map By Hook and By Crook: Israel’s Settlement Policy in the West Bank
Locality Beit Dajan
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